Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek – Check!

We can proudly announce now, that in 2015 we were representing Face at the Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Central Europe event – it’s the very first time organized in Budapest in this shape, because Mercedes-Benz has joined as main sponsor for this magnificent event only this year – to make it even more magnificent!

Well, the outcome was undoubtedly compelling. The sound and lighting technique was well executed, Hungary’s best Dj-s guaranteed the modern, sometimes shaky, apocalyptic feeling for each show. Our two gorgeous models took also part of the team – Alíz and Lívia – who were also responsible for making this event unforgettable and we think the pictures speaks for themselves. They looked beautiful and pretty, their walk on the stage was just perfect and professional. Ahh… Just amazing! You can look at more pictures here or on the official site and Facebook page of the show –

As spectators and bystanders you could also enjoy yourself while waiting between shows: they had plenty of coffee, water, food – so drying out and starving couldn’t be an option…

Famous entrepreneurs, ex-models, stylists, photographers and bloggers boosted the show by their appearance and clothing ideas – so it was a really great environment to get inspired and motivated with Fashion industry.

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