As we all know, the blog was silent for a pretty long time – like Sleeping Beauty – but fear no more because we are back on track now, with a lot of awesome dreams and redoubled energy! We also have to mention that however we couldn’t dazzle our writing skills here, Face’s girls were really productive so far – working a lot, travelling a lot – and we also had a great time by looking for new faces.

But, let’s forget the hard times now and be welcomed to rejoice with us! We are working soulfully to please you and share our newest experiences from the world of Fashion and Modeling. In the future we would like to write some helpful and honest articles about trends, model-travels, modeling experiences, fashion, health or beauty tips and to show you that fashion is for everyone! We also decided to launch a “foodie” spot on this blog – everything you need to know about the model’s healthy (and sometimes non-healthy) eating habits, easy recipes for vegetarians, paleo and “omnivores” as well! In our beauty section we well constantly write about new product launches, tips and tests, but also about natural and inexpensive solutions for anyone interested in this topic! Interviewing our models from around the world will also give you a great insight in this field, but the best part is that from now on you can ask your questions! Isn’t it awesome? To share our gratitude, we try to respond to you as soon as possible and keep you continuously updated with interesting posts. 

Last but not least, if you feel like you would try modeling or you just need advice or encouragement in this topic – feel free to contact us in the comments below or on Facebook.

I hope we could cheer you up a little bit today, stay tuned for upcoming posts and enjoy the magical world of Fashion!



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