My name is Petra Németh
Born in Budapest
How did you start modeling?
“I just came to the agency and got started.” scouted on street
A funny experience as a model?
“When I first had to try on high hills”
Describe your style
Your fashion tip
“Extravagant dress”
What is fashion for you?
“Showing the daily mood”
What do you buy the most?
Any obsession?
“To achieve my dreams”
How do you spend your free time?
“Spending time with my boyfriend, watching movies with friends”
Your favorite hobby?
Something about your life at home
“Playing with my little brother and feeling a little bit like a child again.”
Projects for the future
“Going to London or Paris.”
Leave in NY
Your biggest dream
“Shooting for Balenciaga
What do you keep in your bag?
“A player, notes, lip balm, a map of the city and a camera.”
“Wallet and most having something to eat”
What do you love the most?
“Life itself.”

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